TRAVEL | 10 Things You’ve Gotta’ Love About Going on Holiday

Travel is great and heres why!
Hang on, why hasn’t my suitcase come off the seaplane…oh, because it was loaded onto the wrong plane. Jolly good.

You’ve done your research, your next holiday is booked and even better, paid for; so now you’re on the final countdown with just a few days to go before you jet off.

As well as the absolute joy of being able to switch off and relax whilst exploring somewhere new, soaking up the culture and indulging in great food and wine, there are some less obvious things to love about going on holiday…

1. It’s an excuse to buy new stuff you don’t strictly ‘need’

You’ve already got 3 pairs of flip flops. Who cares! It goes without saying that of course you need a fourth pair in a different colour. Duh.

Going on a beach holiday means it’s a great excuse to treat yourself before you even leave, from a new swimsuit to a stylish maxi dress for chilling at the beach side bar in the evening…just don’t go too over the top because let’s be honest, you’ll only wear about 60% of what you pack anyway.

Travel tips
Shopping for yet more flip flops? A necessity, obviously

2. Filling your toiletry bag with cute little miniatures

Tiny little baby versions of normal size products are the best! Of course they cost way more than if you just decanted from bigger bottles, but there is something about them that’s just irresistible.

From miniature toothpaste to teeny-tiny little shampoos, miniature versions of full size toiletries are justso cute and even better when you find they’re on a 3 for 2 deal.

Travel size miniature toiletries

3. Deciding on the perfect travel outfit

Some people are inexplicably drawn to choosing travel outfits that are anything but comfortable and practical (skinny jeans and heels on a long-haul flight? No thanks), whilst others look like they’ve just fallen out of bed, and not in a cool Instagram-chic kind of way.

Choosing your travel outfit

Planning your travel outfit really isn’t easy, especially if you are traveling from one climate to another. You need to consider comfort during your journey to the airport, whilst you’re waiting at the airport, comfort during the flight, and it’s got to be something that will work once you arrive at your destination, but perhaps most importantly, It’s also got to look hella cool in all the social media photos you’ll be posting in a sorry (not sorry) kind of way.

4. Choosing your holiday reading is a BIG DEAL

Holidays provide us with the rare luxury of time, and for many, we choose to fill at least some of that time by turning the pages of a good book, but how do you choose the right holiday read? How many books will you get through? Should you go trashy or high-brow?

If you’ve got a Kindle this task is made virtually redundant of course, but there’s something so satisfying about handling a real book.

Wandering around a book shop in the airport is a great way to waste half an hour before you board, grabbing tomes that have the most eye-catching covers and enigmatic titles, reading the back cover, whilst carefully weighing up whether it’s the right holiday read as though your whole trip depends on your choice of book.

Holiday reading OK so do you choose a smart book the proves you’re seriously woke or do you go trashy novel or somewhere in between?!

5. The satisfaction of finishing your last frantic day at work

For the entire week before your holiday you’ve been frantically trying to clear your workload, briefing colleagues and clients and trying to basically get everything together to minimise the stress you’ll return to after your holiday.

There is some satisfaction in this frantic activity though, knowing that you’ll be rewarded when it comes to leaving the office on your last day, and before you do, there’s just one thing left to do…

The joy of travelThe out of office email reply has been set and it’s time to go!

6. Setting your email out of office reply

Is there a giddier feeling of relief than setting your out of office email reply? On that last day of work, a feeling of smugness descends.

It’s official now, no more f*cks will be given about work. Work is the problem of future you and thankfully arriving at the airport is the perfect time to stop thinking about returning to 8,000 emails clogging up your inbox, it’s time to live in the moment and celebrate being on holiday!

7. Cocktails for breakfast anyone?

OK so I’m not condoning those idiots that drink 12 pints and then disrupt the flight with their obnoxious behaviour, but a cheeky pre-flight cocktail is always such decadent pleasure. The fact that it’s 5am clearly isn’t a factor because you’re on holiday!

Cocktails on holiday
Pre-flight cocktails for breakfast to help ease yourself into working your way through the resorts all-inclusive cocktail list

8. The relief of arriving at your destination in once piece with all your luggage

Travel can take heaps of planning with a lot of components that could potentially go wrong, from the classic forgetting your passport (seriously how does that happen?!) through to the hotel not having your reservation or your luggage not turning up…Which happened to me in the Maldives once.

On arrival (minus my suitcase) at the island, the only shop was a tiny boutique selling trashy nick-nacks, $60 sunscreen(!) and a couple of utterly revolting bikinis 2 sizes too small. That night I slept in a pair of my partners pants and one of his t-shirts convinced the holiday was ruined, before my luggage (thankfully!) rocked up the next day.

The point is, a lot of things can go wrong, so when you finally close the door to your hotel room or arrive at the villa, there’s a wave of relief that washes over you. You made it! You adulted hard to make this happen and you and your stuff are here in one piece. Bring on the good times!

Holiday travel tips

9. Beach hair (and face) and really couldn’t care less

OK so the fact I barely wear any makeup on a regular day isn’t the point. Natural sun-kissed skin and tousled hair loosely tied up, are all things to love and embrace about a beach holiday.

Daytime makeup is reduced to sunscreen and lip balm and with your face glowing after a day of sightseeing or frolicking in the sea, the evening requires nothing more than a swipe of eye liner and a dash of mascara.

Who needs makeup or hair straighteners when a hair bobble and sunscreen will do?

10. Eat ALL the food!

Many of us find all-inclusive is the easy and convenient holiday option. I will typically diet for months before my holiday literally for the sheer joy of stuffing my face the whole time I’m away. What can I say, I’m a very greedy person, so my life is one of almost constant controlled self-denial and deprivation. Except at Christmas… and on holiday (and mini breaks, and parties, and oh).

“Thankfully a week of eating like a starved pig is fairly easy to mitigate.”

Fresh sea food is my big love as well as limitless horribly calorific cocktails. Luckily, I can only ever take holidays of a week due to sucky amounts of annual leave, so thankfully a week of eating like a starved pig is fairly easy to mitigate.

Those inexplicably tiny desserts though, and so many different kinds! It’d be rude not to try at least some of them right?! Cake for breakfast? Why the hell not, you’re on holiday – enjoy every second of it!

Tiny dessertsOf course you deserve 4 tiny desserts (followed by seconds).